Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CH..Ch...Ch.. Changes

Updates to my beloved readers...
 HI Dini.

Sorry I'm really working on trying to be a consistent blogger and normally I love any and every opportunity to write and just vent poetically or prose style.

Recently I told you guys that I had some knee issues.. and I got the x-rays and no breaks; however that doesn't mean that I'm in the clear. If my knee goes out again I am to prompting go and get an MRI to see if there are any muscle tears. Here's to the knee behaving. Pray. So far it's been pretty good.

Work news. My jefe after coming back in January decided to quit and is no longer my boss as of this Friday.. Woah. I know scary news. I knew this was coming. Subtly is not his strong suit and although I knew it was pending, I was hoping there might be a change of heart and a reboot to his system. Not so. Meanwhile was does that mean for this worker bee. Well the possibility of advancement. Unfortunately after praying with my husband and waking up several nights in a row with an unsettling feeling if I were to apply and take the job, I decided to stay where I am. I turned down a salary job which seems crazy but for me it wasn't the job I was hoping or would want. Right now I'm realizing that if I'm ever to leave my current job which is the desire and follow the writing gig.. which is the dream.. I have to take risks. I have to be willing to stick it out where I am because that's where God wants me and then to be a light to my co-workers. I also have to be patient and as I've recently read in Jon Acuff's Quitter,  I have to learn to fall " in like" with my job again. This has been hard but so many people have been praying for me and what an amazing spiritual family I have. Lately there has been a genuine smile on my face and I feel so much better. Trust me there are still "what the heck days" but I'm choosing to focus on my attitude and how I response versus how everyone else feels entitled.

Life news... well Adam and I still doing well. It's a daily process and I love it. There are some days when our personalities and communication styles clash but mostly we end our days content to be alive and saved and with each other.. Adam still enjoys his job although as he is reading Quitter -- I think he's realizing that he can do the entrepreneur thing.. --as his helpmate I'm always on board and will be there to help. But this is a process and will take time till be pay the debt down... should be end of this year..well then there's that pesky car of ours.. lady vic's( my car) backside was sagging and the ride was comparable to a water rapids ride at a theme park.. It was pretty bad today as I hooted and hollered as I went over the tiniest bumps. But as of 4 pm today she rides like a dream today... I'm so glad we were able to get that out of the way.. Still planning on riding this 93 crown vic till she can't ride no more.

Friend news.
Elisabeth's wedding.. Fun shopping and looking for a black dress with Leilani and Daphne.. silly baby is so picky when it comes to what I should wear. Looking forward to seeing my old roomie tie the knot. This will be an interesting unfolding of new beginnings.
Promo's-- praying for promo's for Chris and Ryan-Adam's friend. Proud of these guys and hoping that God opens the right door for them.
Oh baby.. well just praying for my friend and her little mexican hubby and their future baby.. i'm being vague for obvious reasons...
Happy Birthday Daphne. Had a fun yet chilly celebration with 50 or so of Daphne's closest family and friends.. wow.. I'm pretty sure I only knew my parents till I was like 2.. seriously I don't remember or have pics of me with other family till I was like 3 or 4.... anyways.. It was fun and I am rather fond of my neice.. I'm working up the nerve to eventually babysit.. but that's a ways from now.. currently I'm a pro at putting her in the car seat and stroller. First attempts were approximately 10 minutes with sweat beading down my face dripping onto Daphne as she scowls and wonders what the heck this woman- moi is trying to do and where on earth is mommy who can do this in her sleep. After our shopping trip. I was down to 30 seconds with the pacifier in the mouth. Applause now. Thank you.

Ministry News...
Well my beloved has been asked to be considered to be an elder at church. I'm so proud and happy for him. This is up to the church to vote on but whatever the outcome I'm glad for the recognition of his character and all his service and love for his church. Me-- nothing so far. I'm still praying about where the Lord wants me.. I'm thinking of approaching pastor about doing a workshop on finances.. I still need to pray and get the info on the FPU course. But I'm pretty encouraged with what it's been doing for our family and hope to encourage others who are struggling financially or need guidance.

That's all folks.. Thanks always for reading.


amy said...

you don't have to be vague anymore, the body lets everyone know theres a not so little mexican inside:)

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